Educational Curricula

Knowledge Learning Corporation

Series of 30+ curriculum manuals for teachers and caretakers of infants through kindergarteners, full-service production, 2005–2009 | View covers | View interior

Global Citizens Network
Team Leader Training Manual, developmental and copy editing | View

Minnesota Historical Society and Press
Northern Lights, 2nd. ed. rev., sixth-grade social sciences curriculum, acquired photo, music, and lyric permissions for print and ebook | View

Hazelden Publications
Olweus Community Youth Organization Guide for Youth Ages 5–18,
manual and CD-ROM | View

Lifelines Postvention: Responding to Suicide and Other Traumatic Death, manual and CD-ROM | View

Cyber Bullying Curriculum for Grades 6–12,
facilitator’s guide
and CD-ROM |

Coping with Stress: A CBT Program for Teens with Trauma, facilitator’s guide, participant handbook, and CD-ROM, full-service production with photo research and stock photo acquisition | View

Connections: a 12-Session Psychoeducational Shame-Resilience Curriculum, facilitator manual, lesson plans, CD-ROM, and DVD | View

The Family Recovery Program, 2nd. ed., full-service production, including repaginated to reduce printed page count | View

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder,
full-service production |

Illness Management and Recovery (IMR), proofing, created IMR Portfolio for CD-ROM | View

Redleaf Press
CDA Prep Guide, 3rd ed., 2013, full-service production | View
CDA Prep Guide, 2nd ed., 2008, full-service production

West Publishing (now Thomson Reuters)
project management, design, and layout of numerous college textbooks while on staff and as a freelance consultant

When “full production” is indicated, ImageSmythe generally provided project management, copy editing/proofreading, design, and production services.