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file conversation and cleanup of e-pub files for these titles:
101 Workshop Tips, Trim Skills & Tools, Toilet Repairs, Refinish Your Deck, Replace Your Water Heater, Install Laminate Flooring, Paint Your House, Wall & Ceiling Repairs, Pro Painting Tips, Master Your Router, and Advanced Table Saw Tips, Holiday Hints

E-Magazines and Apps

The Family Handyman magazine, iPad edition | View
launched and created iPad template files, subscription application, management preview and individual issues, February 2012–May 2013

Corn & Soybean Digest
creative direction of the award-winning “Extreme Beans” app for iPad/iPhone, July–October 2012


Bowl Games: Feed Your Pet Better for a Healthier, Longer Life | View

Olweus Community Youth Organization Guide
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Lifelines Postvention
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Drugs and the Developing Brain
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Illness Management and Recovery (IMR) | View and IMR Portfolio
for CD-ROM

Cyber Bullying Curriculum for Grades 6–12 | View

Coping with Stress: A CBT Program for Teens with Trauma | View

Connections: a 12-Session Psychoeducational Shame-Resilience Curriculum, CD-ROM, and DVD | View


Most of these discs belong to educational curricula packages ImageSmythe worked on.


Writing, editing, and/or design of ColdStone Shorelines, SpikeCarlsen.com, Relativity Ink, Settlement by Common Sense, and Got Rock websites—several of which are recently retired or client-managed, so please ask us to supply sample files showing ImageSmythe’s original work

Interactive Online Programs

About My Drinking
Hazelden Online Learning
prerelease proofing of interactive surveys, worksheets, links, etc.